Field Trips

Fields Trips are welcome at the Science Center any weekday of the year. The museum has a wide range of hands-on exhibits that are open for children ages 3– 13 to explore. Fly an airplane, build skyscrapers in our Creation Station, or discover numerous other exhibits that explore physics, weather, food, anatomy, sound, air power, magnetism and more! The Science Center is also home to many critters such as Godzilla the Iguana, Buddy the Parakeet, or Rosie the Tarantula.

The Science Center also offers programs to enhance your visit to the museum. Schedule a WOW! Science Show where kids can participate in a science show that highlights our famous Air Cannon, or our legendary Hovercraft! Or, book a hands-on program where students can explore volcanoes, make slime, or even make their own paper.

The Science Center also creates custom programs with enough notice for a small fee.


Field Trip: $2.75 per student
Field Trip + Program:$5.00 per student

Chaperone admission is free with field trips, please bring an adequate number of chaperones for your group size.

*Please note, there is an extra charge for scheduling a field trip on Monday (we are typically closed), and a charge for scheduling field trips before or after hours.*

Field trip programs offered:

  1. “Wow! Science” Science Show- Science Center staff will show your students a series of “tricks” that seem like they are magic, when in reality, they are all explained by science! Experience our amazing Air Cannon and Hovercraft!
  2. “Messy Science” Hands-On Program- For this program, your students can learn all about “Non-Newtonian fluids” by making their own slime and Oobleck. Bonus! Students get to take their slime home. *Old clothes are recommended for “Messy Science”.*
  3. “Investigating Volcanoes” Hands-On Program- During this hands on program, students get a chance to make their own mini volcanoes out of our homemade, non-toxic play dough.  After they have mastered the shape, we will fill them with baking soda, and have them drip red vinegar onto the baking soda, leading to their own eruption!  Once everyone is satisfied with their personal eruptions, we will erupt our own large volcano, Mt. Boom using our super secret lava recipe!
  4. “Paper Making” Hands-On Program- Conservation and recycling are so important today.  Let our staff walk your students through the process of breaking down used paper and making it into new paper.  Students will each get to take a piece of home made paper.  This program may also include adding seeds to the paper so that it is plantable once the user is finished with it! (Seed paper depends on the availability of seeds at The Science Center. If you are interested, just ask!)
  5. “Meet and Greet The Science Center Pets”- During this program, your students will have an opportunity to meet some of the most famous members of The Science Center including “Daisy” the bearded dragon, “Bonnie” the leopard gecko, “Buddy” the bird, and more! Students may have the opportunity to pet the animals, and may get the opportunity to go “behind the scenes” and see how we take care of all of those animals! *This program may not always be the same due the fact that animals are living beings, and we want them to have the best care/ life possible.  If one of our animals is shedding, for example, we may not bring that animal out in order to reduce the stress on the animal. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions regarding the animal program, and please let us know if you have any allergy/health concerns for your students.  We will do our best to accommodate your group.*
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