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This year we are featuring fun and exciting science outreach programs for schools, clubs, libraries, and community centers.  Our outreach programs emphasize age appropriate science and hands-on activities. Each program typically lasts 20 minutes, but time can be adjusted depending on your needs. Here are some of the programs we are offering this fall and spring:

Wow Science! Adaptable for grades pre-k through 4th. Be prepared to be wowed as you watch a series of ‘tricks’ that aren’t magic, but science! (A favorite of patrons). Choose between the Air Cannon or the Hovercraft for a unique show.

Air Power. Adaptable for grades pre-k through 6th.  Air is everywhere, and its power influences our lives in unexpected ways.  In this program (adaptable for large audiences) we discuss the Bernoulli effect and its application to flight, vortex phenomenon, and hovercraft – all in a fast pace and engaging show with lots of student participation. Choose between the Hovercraft and the Air cannon for a unique show!

Messy Science. Adaptable for grades pre-k through 6th. What kid doesn’t like getting messy? In this program, participants make two different kinds of slime and compare the two, all while getting messy and learning about non- Newtonian fluids!

Astronomy. Adaptable for grades pre-k through 2nd. Our universe is an amazing place! Learn about the planet we call Earth, make moons out of cookies, and put the solar system into perspective using toilet paper!

Making Paper. Adaptable for grades pre-k through 2. In this hands on program, participants learn how to make their own recycled paper, while learning about recycling is so important! You may choose to add seeds for plantable paper!

 *NOTE* If you are interested in a program that you don’t see listed here, simply contact Connie at the information listed below. We will be happy to develop a program for you for a small fee.*

For more information about pricing and booking

please contact Connie Adams, the Science Center’s Program Director. Thank you!

phone: 618.529.5431 or e-mail: yoursciencecenter@gmail.com

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