Staff and Contacts

Chris Walls – Executive Director

Chris has been working for the Science Center since 2010.  Chris holds a BA in History and Criminal Justice, and an MPA from SIU.  From 2007-2008, he worked for independent design and exhibit companies, and from 2009-2010, he was the director of the Murphysboro Chamber of Commerce.  In his free time Chris likes to go fishing and camping, and he loves spending his time with his wife Lyndsey, daughter Rin, and their dog Moxie.  Chris’s favorite part of working at the Science Center is watching the kids have fun and learn alongside their families.  He recognizes what an important part that plays in a child’s education.  Chris’s favorite exhibit? The dinosaurs! Chris, as well as all Science Center staff members, is a member of the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC).



Jessica Shelton – Museum Coordinator/Manager

Jessica is a student at SIU and is majoring in Business Administration. In her free time, she enjoys watching Doctor Who and hiking with her dog Hank. Jessica’s favorite part about working at the Science Center is working with the animals. When it comes to memberships, computer issues, or the animals, Jessica is the person to ask! Jessica’s favorite exhibit at the Science Center is the Van de Graaff generator!  Jess is a member of the ASTC, and has used her membership many times.



Bill Adams- “Dino Guy”, Creative Eye, and General Mr. Fix-it

We are so happy to introduce the newest member of our staff, artist Bill Adams. Bill has been working with the Science Center since 2011, and is the artist responsible for all of our life sized dinosaurs. Bill has his degree in commercial graphic design, and began his career in toy making. His work has included designing and creating toys such as “Frog Lab”, the original Chronicles of Narnia figurines for McDonald’s Happy Meals, and many more that you’ve probably played with at one time! Then, from 2006-2014 he created displays for museums around the world. Bill’s favorite part of working at the Science Center is watching the kids play with the things he makes. In Bill’s free time he enjoys sculpting and model making as well as participating in Cub Scouts with Pack 142 with his boys. He loves spending time with his sons Elijah and Jesse, daughter Amber, and wife Connie. Bill’s favorite thing in the museum is the live animal area. Bill and his family are all members of the ASTC.

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