Groups and Personal Programs

There are even more new programs available for group and field trips.  Check out our new field trip flyer for more information on our group and field trips! 

Group Pricing

  • Free Play: $2.75 per child
  • Free Play + Programming :$5.00 per child
  • Room Rental: $75/ 2 hours

Chaperone admission is free with groups and field trips, please bring an adequate number of chaperones for your group size.

Before/after hours group: additional $15.00 per half hour.


Programs Offered

Programs subject to availability of staff and supplies, therefore our programs must be booked at least 4 days in advance.  If you do not see a program that you like, we would be happy to develop one for a small fee with enough notice.

  1. “Wow! Science” Science Show
  2. “Messy Science”
  3. “Investigating Volcanoes”
  4. “Paper Making” Hands-On Program
  5. “Meet and Greet The Science Center Pets”
  6. “Air Power”
  7. “Astronomy”!
  8. “I’m so Egg-Cited”
  9. “The Egg Drop”
  10. Exploring the Five Senses”
  11. “Science Is Delicious!”
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